LinkedIn Tip #1:  Customize your Public Profile URL

LinkedIn Tip #1:  Customize your Public Profile URL

Why: Editing your LinkedIn Public Profile moves you up in keyword searches, plus it shows you are LinkedIn and tech savvy.  You will use this shortened link to your profile on all job search documents, including your resume, business cards, email correspondences, etc.

How: When you first join LinkedIn, you are assigned a Public Profile (e.g.,  You want to customize this to be more user and computer friendly (e.g.,  Note the differences: you drop all the letters, numbers, and slashes after your name and in some cases, “pub” becomes “in."  Note also that “Your-Name” becomes “yourname.”

Follow these eight steps.  Incidentally, the former LinkedIn format took half the time and steps!

  1. From the menu across the top, chose Me, the circle with your picture.
  2. Next, under ACCOUNT, choose Settings & Privacy.
  3. From the three choices across the top, choose Privacy.
  4. Finally, click on the first choice, Edit your public profile.
  5. In the new column on the right, you will see Edit public profile URL. Under that, you see your current URL, followed by a small pencil. Click the tiny pencil.
  6. In the new horizontal box, edit your current URL to a shorter, more user-friendly URL without all the numbers and letters.
  7. Click the blue box, Save.
  8. Now use this new URL on all your job search documents, and be certain to hyperlink when possible.

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