Preparing for Interviews Using LinkedIn

Anything you do that is one step more than your competition, puts you a GIANT STEP closer to your new job.
Surprisingly, most job seekers will merely show up for the interview as scheduled, with very little preparation.  You are smarter than that!  Using LinkedIn to prepare for the interview is one of those giant steps.

Interview Prep #1
Always research on LinkedIn every person with whom you will be interviewing, and when you have a specific time arranged with a specific person, send that person(s) a LinkedIn Invitation; in the invitation box, add "I look forward to meeting with you on ________." 

Then during the interview, let them know you have read their information by saying something like “I was on your LinkedIn profile, and you have outstanding recommendations.”  Or, “I read that you have been here at ABC Company for 12 years – this must be a great place to work.”  Or you may see a hobby, common interest, or other topic to mention.  Don’t worry that they may see that you have read their profile; they will be impressed with your thoroughness.

Interview Prep #2
Using the Advanced People Search feature on LinkedIn, locate a current or former employee of the company who can give you inside information on the company culture or values.  This person may know the Hiring Manager or HR Recruiter and can give you tips on what to expect and what to say. 

Interview Prep #3
Again using the Advanced People Search feature, search for someone who previously held the title or position for which you are interviewing. If you have a connection to them and can contact them, you can gain much useful information to relate during the interview.