Utilizing Job Networking Groups


Looking for a contact at one of your target companies?  Find an opening with a company and you would like to locate an insider to help you?  Want to get a recommendation for a recruiter in your field?  Would you benefit from some interviewing practice or have an HR professional review your resume?  All of those and much more can be found at the many Job Networking meetings around Atlanta.
Most networking groups meet in churches, largely because the space is available at no charge, but they are totally non-sectarian and welcome all of any faith or no faith.  These groups are free to attend and many will serve a meal as well.

Here’s How

Step #1:  Supplies you will need
Like every networking effort, you must have prepared in advance two items to use at the meeting:

To learn more about each, click on the links; these are two of the “ajobs Job Search Tools” from the ajobs.com homepage.  Even if you think you have both, I still urge you to read these short descriptions of Why and How.

Step #2:  Choose your networking groups
From the geographic list included here, locate several to attend.  Consider some of the larger groups, such as Roswell UMC and North Point Community Church, even though they may not be as close as others; you will have more networking opportunities at these.  The smaller groups, however, will offer you more personal attention, so I recommend that you attend both large and small groups.
Consider car pooling with fellow job seekers, perhaps someone from your previous employer.  You will feel less anxious having a friend in the room.

Step #3:  Plan ahead.
What are your goals for the meeting?  What do you want to accomplish?

•  Determine in advance what information will be most useful in your job search – company contacts, names of recruiters, etc. Smaller groups will go around the room and have everyone stand to introduce themselves.  Larger groups may have everyone seated at tables, and each table will network with other participants at the table.  In any case, plan for what you will ask as part your Networking Communication Strategy.
•  Exchange business cards with at least ten other participants to contact later.
•  Use your time wisely, and do not spend too much time with any one person.  If you find someone with helpful information, exchange business cards and plan to call him/her later.  If someone tries to monopolize your time, again exchange business cards and ask them to call you later.

Step #4:  Follow through.