CONTACT DATA: Changes and what to include

•  In all caps or small caps, type your name in 14 or 16 point font, centered on the page.
•  If you have relevant certification, include it after your name.  (CPA, PHR, PMP, etc). 
•  Address:  Do not include your physical address for these three reasons:

  1. Many years ago, companies would contact you by sending a letter to your home address.  No more!
  2. Your address could be used to eliminate you from positions.  If the company sees you live in Alpharetta and their job is in Buckhead, they may decide to go with someone closer in, even though you have no problem with the commute. 
  3. Lastly, in today’s security conscious world, do you really want to advertise your physical address??

•  Only put your cell phone number on your resume, since you will always have your cell phone with you.  Also, you will have a professional sounding voice mail.  Do not include the word “phone” – that’s stating the obvious.  However, in today’s High Tech environment, you might add Mobile/Text before your cell number, if you are open to receiving text messages from potential employers.  If you have a "home phone," now called a "land line," do not include it -- that merely says "I am over 50 years old!"

• Next include your email address, and be sure to have it hyperlinked so the recipient can just click the link to send you email.  Again, do not use the word “email.”

• Lastly, include your LinkedIn URL – but only after you have customized it!   (e.g., See Tool #2 on ajobs homepage for instructions, if you have not already done this.)  Hyperlink it also, so that the recipient can simply click to see more about you.

• Insert a line across, to separate your contact info from the next section.